While installing OpenSUSE LEAP 15.1 I tried to assign a static IP so that I will have LESS to do after the installation is done. Good advice is to NOT to do that. I did, and the system did not tell med that there was something wrong with the configuration(could not access the internet). What happens is this:

Installing Apache2 web-server while installing OpenSuSE LEAP 15.1 is not such a good idea. I think I did this for the first time last week, because I can't remember having these problems when adding the mod_php7 module before.

The case: Installing OpenSuSE LEAP 15.1 - server with Apache2 web-server


There is, actually a "Biggest pitfall". I did it and I got back on track, luckily. But it was not easy to find the solution.

The topic in this article is, "what you should NOT do after unlocking and flashing a new OS into your device".

This was not an easy task. The problem was the nouveau-drivers allready installed as default.

There's a lot of how-to's, but for some reason most of the googled solutions did not work(I did an installation earlier which I do not remember how I installed correctly), but now I found another solution from a site which I do not remember but it worked very well/flawlessly.

After installing/enabling the two-way authenticator in Joomla you might come into a problem with Googles Authenticator: 


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